Waisali Forest Park

Waisali Rainforest Reserve is a declared protected area and is a biodiversity conservation project owned by the Waisali community in partnership with the National Trust of Fiji and assisted by NZAID.  The very high diversity and high incidence of endemic species makes Waisali one of the few managed parks in Fiji with a unique and important floral and faunal composition.  The reserve is approximately 130 hectares and is one of the last unexploited rainforest in Vanua Levu.


Around 50% of the protected area is dense ‘dakua’ forest (Fiji Kauri) – ‘dakua salusalu’ (Podocarpus vitiensis).  Other native trees prevalent in the area include native softwoods such as Yaka and Yasi.  Some of these trees have been around for more than a hundred years.  There are about 30 species of Orchids found in the area.

Fauna Herpertofauna

The reserve is also home to the endangered Fiji Ground Frog (Platymantis vitenus) and the endemic Fiji Tree Frogs (Platymantis vitiensis).  The ground frog population in Waisali is the only known population of the species on mainland Fiji and is a significant indicator in terms of the distribution and conservation of this species.  The reserve also contains the largest population of Fiji Tree Frogs and is the only known site with all three amphibian species including the Cane Toad.


Birds found in the reserve include the rare Orange Dove, the Red Shining Parrot, the Collared Lory and the Orange Breasted Myzomela among others.  So far there are 21 species of birds found in the reserve, which represents about 40% of the breeding land bird species found in Fiji.


  • Hiking
  • Nature walk
  • Birdwatching
  • Scenic Viewing
  • Excursions

Admission Fees:

  • Fjd$8.00 per person
  • Fjd$1.00 students
  • Children under 6 – Free
    • For school excursions and bookings please make arrangements at the head office on (679) 3301807 or email

Opening Times:

  • Open Monday – Saturday
  • 9.00am – 3.00pm

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